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Field Notes

Ford-Ferguson 9N and Ford 8N




Two standout Fords

These are pictures I took at shows this summer. I saw the 1940-41 Ford-Ferguson 9N with no hydraulics (above) at the Gratz Area Antique Machinery Assn. show in Gratz, Pennsylvania. It is rare! The other tractor (left) is a Ford 8N with a Lincoln V12 engine.

Donald C. Ober, Manheim, Pennsylvania

Feeding Hogs in Kentucky

illustration of pigs 

I was raised on a farm in central Kentucky with four brothers and three sisters. We raised a big garden and our own beef and hogs to eat.

It was the boys’ job to slop the hogs. Slop is a mixture of leftover food scraps and water, which the hogs love to eat. It was downhill from the house to the barn. My younger brother could coast his bicycle from the house to the pig lot. He would hang the pail of slop on the handlebars of his bike. One day he went to slop the hogs and got his bike in a rut and wrecked it. Of course the slop went everywhere, covering him from head to toe. That was the last time he did that.

Another time, the hogs got where they wouldn’t eat ear corn, so my dad called the vet. The vet told him there was nothing wrong with the hogs. Come to find out, my brother had been laying the ears of corn on the electric fence and the hogs had gotten afraid of eating it. Boy, did my brother ever get a whipping for doing that.

John Haynes, Brownsville,Kentucky

Nov. 4 is Deadline for Show Photo Entries


Don’t miss your chance to share your photography with the readers of Farm Collector! Deadline for our annual show photo issue is Friday, Nov. 4. Send your favorite photos from the past show season. We’ll print as many as we have space for in our February 2017 issue.

Send good quality prints (no photos from home printers will be accepted) to Farm Collector Show Photos, 1503 SW 42nd St., Topeka, KS 66609.

Please send high-resolution digital images to

With each photo, please send as much detailed information as possible, including:

• year, make and model of equipment shown
• names of identifiable people
• name, date and location of the show

Please include a phone number and email address so we can contact you if we need more information. Photos of children under age 18 can be accepted only if accompanied by a release form signed by the child’s parent. Please contact us if you need a release form.

Need more information? Call Farm Collector, (800) 682-4704.

Corn Sheller Turns Up a Long Way From Home

corn sheller 

I am from Guatemala. In my wife’s grandmother’s house, I found this machine. I searched Google and found your article about it. Thanks to you, I’ve learned about it. It’s my pleasure to send a picture of it!

Alejandro Lima via email

This corn sheller, manufactured by Gould Mfg. Co., Seneca Falls, New York, turned up a long way from home. It likely dates to the late 1800s. 

Adding an Old Wrench to the Collection


Regarding the June 2016 issue of Farm Collector, and particularly the article on wrenches, which I really enjoyed, I would like to add to the collection this wrench. On one side it reads “Fall River Mass. USA” and on the other side, as best as I can make out, “LAKAS wrench.”

I really enjoy Farm Collector and look forward to getting it every month.

Bob Stevens, Wapiti, Wyoming