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Plowing for the Record in Albert City

Enthusiasts work together to set new world records for horse plowing.

Snap Happy: Photos from the 2016 Show Season

Farm Collector readers share their favorite show season scenes.

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Farm Collector Show Directory

Farm Collector Show Directory 2014

The Farm Collector Show Directory is the No. 1 source for the most current and complete antique farm equipment show information. Packed with maps of each show location, detailed listings, club advertisements and commercial resources, the directory is your personal guide to the world of antique farm equipment shows.

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Sandwich Corn Sheller

Shelling corn at the Midwest Old Threshers Reunion.


A 24-page booklet of illustrated articles from The American Thresherman, 1916-1917. Valuable resource for farm steam-engine collectors.

This small book is a collection of articles by periodical author C.M. Giddings that appeared in the American Threshermen magazine from August 1916 – May 1917. The articles contain more than facts and illustrations, they contain the opinions of a respected veteran of the gas engine and tractor industry. He details various concerns he has for the industry at the time of writing, 1980, as well as various facts and trends which are very telling. His opinions lend themselves to a very gripping tale of the industry not seen in other articles or magazines. Blending history, facts, opinion, and an engrossing writing style, many of those interested in steam traction will appreciate this compilation of articles. Illustrated, 28 pages.

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This e-book details how to operate an Ottawa Log Saw and Kerosene Engines. Inside are instructions on how to customize it with other types of saws, such as tree saws, branch saws, and buzz saws. Engine operating instructions, adjustments, and troubleshooting instructions are included along with an extremely detailed parts list of the saws. 32 pages.

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