Iowa State University Antique Tractor Club

Iowa State University Antique Tractor Club members learn fine points of old iron.

Club members with the Oliver after its restoration: Kneeling, left to right: Kendra Doty, Stacey Tjaden, Dan Janiszewski, Eric Allen. Standing at left (left to right): Ben Offenburger, Jeff Bowman, Sam Lee, Austin Hinrichs (far back slightly covered), William Frels, Shaun McCarthy. Standing at right (left to right): Emma Halfmann, Ben Swartzrock (in back), Mackenzie Barton, Tyler Curry, Coady Mobley, Grad Student Advisor Preston Byrd, Kyle Huber, Travis Greiner. On the tractor (left to right): Dennis Williams, Jeffrey Schott, Vice President Clark Hall.
Photo By Loretta Sorensen