Rumely Tractor Postcards

Collectible farm-related and tractor postcards add unique dimension to old iron hobby

Tractor Hauling 1,000 Bushels of Wheat in North Dakota
“Tractor hauling 1,000 bushels of wheat in North Dakota.” The card’s back reads: “The OilPull tractor will rush your crops to market before prices drop and cars get scarce. It will haul logs, ore, stone — anything — from one-third to one-half cheaper than horses. Quick to start, easy to operate: burns kerosene under all conditions. An ideal power for the road builder or contractor. Write for special Good Roads Circular and OilPull catalog. M. Rumely Co. (INC), La Porte, Ind. Canadian Distributor, Rumely Products Co., Winnipeg.” The factory-produced card is unnumbered; it has a divided back and is unused.