Dairy Farm Equipment: Milking It for all It's Worth

Minnesota family builds comprehensive collection of dairy farm equipment.

Top, opposite page: Warren, Dennis and Arlan Nickerson with a trio of milk-related items. From left: Warren is holding an official Babcock Tester, a centrifuge used to determine the butterfat content of cream. Dennis is shown with a single milking pail, and Arlan is holding an early glass “Clean-Easy” milking pail.Above: Dennis Nickerson’s International Harvester McCormick-Deering milking machine with vacuum pump attachment. There are a few milking machines Dennis would still like to find, especially the Mehring Power Milker. “That one you sit on and pump like a bicycle, but I think your chances of finding one of those aren’t very good,” he says, “because they were made of wood, and didn’t weather too good.”