The True Value of Collecting Old Farm Implements

Farm implements and tools provide great collecting alternative to old tractors.

Proof that old implements can tell a story — Paul's grandfather, then a farm labourer, recalls being sent by his boss in 1926 to ask a neighbouring farmer in Betws yn Rhos if they could borrow his stone roller. On the lane back from the farm a piece of the roller broke, and it was taken to Hugh Jones, the local blacksmith, for repair. From then on, the horse-drawn roller always had these two steel bands on it. When Paul began collecting implements, his grandfather remembered the old roller and what had happened to it, as well as the field it eventually ended up being left in once tractors took over from horses. They found it just as his grandfather remembered it and the landowner kindly let them take it. It is not of any great monetary value, but it is priceless as a remnant from this village's past, and a reminder of time when anything broken was repaired and used again.
Photo by Josephine Roberts