Muscling Through Time: the Pasto Agriculture Museum

The Pasto Agriculture Museum at Penn State University is preserving artifacts that demonstrate the central role of muscle power, human and animal, in the history of farming.

agriculture museum - horseshoe, sleigh, ice plow
Center: Dr. Darwin Braund’s beautifully restored Albany Cutter was part of the Pasto Museum’s Winter on the Farm exhibit in 2004. Left: Horses wore specially-designed, cleated shoes for work on the ice. The cleats were also replaceable. Right: This horse-drawn double-blade ice plow made short work of deepening the grooves made by the ice scorer. Although the ice was usually thicker than the teeth on this device were tall, the remaining cutting was made with hand ice saws or chisels and spud bars. Careful study of the piece reveals the angle braces on the plow’s teeth were forge-welded into place, a process where metal is heated to a level of softness that allows the pieces to be hammered together.
Farm Collector Magazine Staff