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Different Kind of Peanut Gallery

I love shelled peanuts. I get excited when restaurants offer them for free, and in turn ruin my appetite for my meal by eating too many. Gas Engine Magazine associate editor Christian Williams brought some to the office a few days ago, and I've been happily munching away on them ever since.

It doesn't help that I have a new appreciation for harvesting peanuts since reading Laura V. Stakelum's Peanuts in the Wiregrass feature from the April 2011 issue of Farm Collector. I had no idea how labor intensive the harvesting process is. And while I'm sure modern machinery has sped up the process, I still can't help but think about the work it took to get these tasty, nutritious snacks to me.

I found this video of a 1950 Benthal peanut picker at work in Virginia.


Here is a great video of vintage peanut harvesting in Georgia that was produced by the Georgia Peanut Commission


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