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Must-See Show: Paris Universal Exposition in 1900 was a crucial showplace for agriculture equipment manufacturers

The Deering Harvester Co. exhibit
The Deering Harvester Co. exhibit. In the large display case at the right end of the display is an elaborate model of the Deering Chicago Works. The description reads, "The (model) is lighted by electricity, the drop forge foundry and malleable works having alternating red lights representing casts. In the foreground trains of cars move hither and thither and boats are in motion on the river at the rear." Just beneath the miniature factory is a model of an American farm, with a tiny team of horses pulling an Ideal mower around a field of grass with "every movement being true to life." Below the farm model is a huge photograph of all 9,000 Deering employees. Said to be the largest group photograph ever taken, the picture was 18 feet long and 20 inches high. On the revolving pedestal at left ceneter can be seen a Deering "automobile mower," while around the base of the pedestal is a round divan of "... fine Russia leather, capable of seating 12 persons comfortably." A Deering Ideal binder, reaper and mower are part of the exhibit, as well as a dump rake and a mower with a dropper attachment. These machines were "bbb beautifully finished in gold, silver and bronze."