When Plowshares Built Swords: Scrap Drives During World War II

Scrap drives during the early 1940s emptied barns and fields across the country, for better or for worse.

School boys in Lacona, Iowa, held a scrap metal drive in October 1942, using their wagons and a pony to haul the load. From left to right: Robert Haltom, Donald Stanley, Wilford Ripperger, Jimmie Van Zee, Roy Van Zee, Billy Hardman, Bobby Babcock, Chauncey Stanley, Orlo Baker, Herbert Lepley, Orval Curtis, Doyle Butler, Norman Babcock, Bob Leonard, James Moon and Topsy, James Moon’s 19-year-old Shetland pony. Not pictured: Paul Ray Shupe and Dwight Manser.
Photo courtesy Harlan and Marion Williams