Famous Joseph Fleury Jr. Plows – Part II

Joseph Fleury Jr. and his family made their mark on agricultural implement manufacturing in Canada.

Besides building famous plows, J. Fleury's Sons Ltd. produced a variety of farm implements for nearly every task, as depicted in this early advertisement, from corn shelling and straw cutting to oat rollers. The ad below shows that Fleury's products were sold by the John Deere Plow Co., Ltd. at one time."The 3A Cutter has the greatest simplicity of construction of any Cutter on the market. It loses less power through friction of bearings than other cutters and therefore will do more work with the same power. The Carriers can be reversed in a few minutes and will run at an angle of 45 degrees. This Cutter without carrier is a satisfactory Hay and Straw Cutter for use by hand or power. Adapted to light power; speed, from 150 to 250 rpm. Has lever for stopping feed rollers instantly – but not reversing them."