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July 8 to 9: Indiana and Illinois

by Ron Bywaters

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Day 12

We were underway by 7:45 a.m. for the long drive to Penfield, Ill., for the I&I Antique Tractor and Gas Engine Club’s Historic Farm Days.

The day had started out bright and sunny but became quite overcast late in the morning and light showers became heavier as evening approached.

It was great to catch up with our good friend from our last visit to this area, Darius Harms, who is vice president of the I&I antique machinery club. Darius and his wife, Lois, came a short way out of town to meet us and bring our contingent into the show-grounds, already filling quickly with all manner of tractors etc.

Day 13

After a night of heavy rain, we awoke to find the grounds teaming with every conceivable machine and many people making last minute preparations.

Our tractors have had a very enthusiastic reception and many people have been around to ask questions about these unusual machines. Once again the press and TV were in attendance, and then at 1 p.m. it was time for the parade of tractors and this was again a lot of fun. Our Aussie tractors were invited to join the parade which they did with pride. The crowds are quite large but if the rain keeps away, tomorrow should see an even larger crowd.

One of the special exhibits at this year’s event is Big Bud, an absolutely huge tractor shipped in from Montana. This machine was built in 1977 and only retired last year and is a truly awesome piece of machinery.

In the evening most of the group joined some locals for a few quiet drinks and lots of fun at the Deer Club. Word has it that some trekkers continued on to another local establishment!

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