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2011 Midwest Old Threshers Reunion

by Terri Keitel

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Back to Mt Pleasant, Iowa, for the Old Threshers Reunion to “reunite” with friends! This year it took place September 1-5, 2011. Our booth was set up in our regular spot, just south of the main information booth and we enjoy seeing everyone as they renew their subscriptions, sign up for prizes and purchase some of our products. Linda and Bob Crowell from Batesville, Ind., are always there to welcome you with a smile and assist you in any way. They are a super asset to our company!

 Linda and Bob Crowell 
Linda and Bob Crowell at the Farm Collector tent.

Lots of nice prizes were donated by regular advertisers to Farm Collector and Gas Engine Magazine. The winners will be announced in the December issues. Thanks to these advertisers for your donations:

Antique Caterpillar Machinery Owners Club 

M.E. Miller Tire 

Binder Books 

Dick Rulon 

Distel Grain 

Klein Brothers Hardware 

Nixon Auctioneers 

SpecCast Toys 

Terp Creek 

Bob Crowell

Tractor Mac Books 

Jimmy Woods 

Heritage Metal Art 

We also have a big sweepstakes offering a 1/4 scale water-cooled engine from Red Wing Motor Co., a division of PM Research, Inc. We brought the engine to the show and ran it a couple times at the booth. You can go online to register to win.  We’ve had quite the response to this sweepstakes!

The second Farm Collector special edition, Harvesting Heritage, hit the newsstands right before the show, so we were honored to have Sam Moore, the author of the essays included in the special edition and also a columnist for Farm Collector, signing autographs and visiting with fans.

Sam Moore 
Columnist Sam Moore visits with fans in the Farm Collector tent at the 2011 Midwest Old Threshers Reunion

Another distinguished guest this year was Bob Legault, our director of sales at Ogden Publications. Making his first visit to the Old Threshers, he helped us welcome everyone into our tent with flair and enthusiasm.

The Midwest Old Threshers Association has added some very informative signs to many of the areas on the grounds, to aid visitors in learning more about the history and the workings of the different equipment. A great idea!

Informational sign at the Old Threshers Reunion 
An informational sign on the Midwest Old Threshers' Reunion grounds.

Farmall was this year’s feature. Here’s a small sampling of the line up of red tractors.

Farmalls on display 

During the daily parade, you can sit in the grandstand under the shade of the giant roof and watch history roll by.

 Steam on parade 
Steam on parade – a Kelly Springfield Road Roller

 Steam and tractors on parade 
Steam and tractors on parade

Cars on parade 
Cars on parade at the 2011 Midwest Old Threshers Reunion

 Cockshutt on parade 
A Cockshutt on parade at the 2011 Midwest Old Threshers Reunion

Everyone likes to get involved!

Everyone's involved at Old Threshers! 

Our very own assistant editor, Beth Beavers, got to drive a tractor for the first time in the parade, thanks to Ken Perkins.

Beth and Ken on his John Deere 70 
Ken shows Beth the ropes of his John Deere 70.

Check out this car I saw, I think I need this to commute back and forth to work!

Little car 

Oh yeah I almost forgot. Since I always try to include a favorite culinary item I find at the shows, I have to include the rib-eye sandwiches at St. Al’s stand. I think these folks would have to agree with me too!

 Farm Collector staff after enjoying rib-eye sandwiches from St. Al's tent 
Farm Collector staff after enjoying rib-eye sandwiches from St. Al's tent at the 2011 Midwest Old Threshers Reunion: Bob Legault, Leslie McManus and Beth Beavers.

For more information on the show, go to

See you down the road!