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Kalamazoo Valley Show

by Terri Keitel

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Kalamazoo Valley Show4 

There were 792 pieces of John Deere equipment and tractors!  In addition to that there were many other brands and a good number of vendors set up as well! 

Kalamazoo Valley Show1 

Kalamazoo Valley Show5 

 Kalamazoo Valley Show7 

This is a perfect spot for a show. Not only were there many exhibits, tractors and vendors to see but you can also tour the numerous barns and buildings on site to view extensive impressive collections of vintage cars, motorcycles, one of North America’s largest displays of hood ornaments, a replica of a Ford dealership and a recreated 1930’s gas station Station.  

Kalamazoo Valley Show8 

Kalamazoo Valley Show9 

In my younger days, I loved the old 1967 Disney movie called the Gnome-Mobile. Well, apparently the museum founder Donald Gilmore and Walt Disney were friends and after the movie was finished, Donald purchased the 1930 Rolls Royce Sedanca Deville for the cost of the shipping. Walt then gave the original movie set of the car’s back seat to Donald and it is on display at the museum! 

Kalamazoo Valley Show6 

I couldn’t resist getting in the picture on this one! 

It’s a nicely run show and an extra bonus to see the other displays on the museum grounds while you are there!  There is a cool Diner on the grounds, which is an authentic 1941 Silk City diner that was moved from Meriden, Connecticut to the museum and they offered some refreshing items on their menu. 

Next years’ show will be June 27-29, 2014. You can view info on the website at, and also the Gilmore Car Museum at

See you down the road!