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The Lighter Side of Iron

by Terri Keitel

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There is so much to see and learn at an antique tractor event, but there is something else that I find at every show: a wonderful sense of humor. No matter what part of the country you travel to, there is always someone with a sense of fun and a little orneriness for good measure. I have included a few examples and will continue my search as I hit the road. 

Maytag engine 

A Maytag engine owned by Dave Rotigel of Pennsylvania. Found at the ATIS tent in Portland, Ind., during the Tri-State Gas Engine Show.

Old bull blind, or country woman's lingerie 

This old bull blind was displayed by Dwayne & Sandy Hansford of Rustic Red Acres of Edinburgh, Ind., at various shows. They labeled it with a sign that read “Country Woman’s Lingerie”

 Bucket Seat 

Now that’s a “bucket seat”! Found at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Show in Kent, Conn.

Paul Bunyon's pliers 

I think Paul Bunyon left his pliers here! Connecticut Antique Machinery Show, Kent, Conn.

Big trike 

Big trike at the Tri-State Gas Engine Show in Portland, Ind. Maybe this is Paul Bunyon’s old tricycle!

Big boy toy 

This “big kid” was having a lot of fun with his homemade big boy toy! Seen at the Eastern National Two-Cylinder John Deere Expo in Springfield, Ohio.

Boat in the swap area 

Whatcha fishin’ for? Boat in the swap area at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Show in Kent, Conn.

Scott Werling constructed this giant wheel 

Scott Werling of Decatur, Ind. constructed this giant wheel he rode around the grounds at the Portland, Ind., swap meet. Looks like fun to me!

Two scoops of ice cream 

My Favorite! Two scoops of ice cream!

I’ll be on the lookout for more fun to share on my blogs. There’s always time for a good laugh and a smile!

See you down the road!