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Sights from the 2012 Tri-State Gas Engine Show

by Terri Keitel

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According to Board Member Al Confer, the Tri-State Gas Engine Assn. has seen an average of 65,000 to 75,000 in attendance at their shows, and one year they got an estimated count of 96,000at the Tri-State Gas Engine Show! A real testament to the popularity of the antique tractor and engine hobby.

People, golf carts, tractors, and hey, what was that…!? All kinds of ways to get to that next place on the show grounds to see anything and everything. The vendors and exhibitors are lined up for rows and rows, and every year it seems to get bigger. With vendors selling whatever you need for that restoration or fixer upper, and anything collectible, you will surely find what your little old iron heart desires. There are field demonstrations and activities plus a craft and flea market area, too.

This year the feature was Case tractors and Kentucky-built engines. 

Terri TriState 1 

Terri TriState  

This was my mode of transportation this year! Kind of a mobile work station! 

Terri TriState 3 

Just as an example of some of the interesting sights to see, how about this? An old carnival ride tub mounted on a trailer. Get in and take a spin, it’s great for parties, and it’s for sale!! 

Terri TriState 4 

This guy greets everyone coming and going at the show. Love his outfit! 

Terri TriState 5 

And this couple knows how to see the show in style. This is Ralph, Jr. and Tammy Hart of Newberry, Indiana. 

Terri TriState 6 

Here are a few more show photos.

Terri TriState 7 

Terri TriState 8 

Terri TriState 9 

Terri TriState 10 

Come see the show next year August 21-25, 2013. And don’t forget there are Swap Meets in May and October!

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See you down the road!