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Tri-State Gas Engine Show, Portland, Ind., August 2013

By Terri Keitel

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At the 48th Tri-State Gas Engine show in Portland, Ind., August 2013, the features were Cockshutt tractors and Wisconsin engines. Here are a few pictures from the Feature Area—

Portland combine

Cockshutt lineupp

I enjoy looking at the Cockshutt tractors as my husband owns a 1956 Cockshutt 50 that was purchased new by his uncle and I don’t stumble across those very often.

Here’s a picture of the booth manned by Bob and Linda Crowell, who sell subscriptions for our publications as well as other similar niche magazines. You can always find them in Row G!

Portland booth

The weather as always is a big factor at any of the outdoor shows. We had some hot muggy weather, and then some rain which made for some mud to get through. 

Portland mud

A pic of the “world’s first one man chainsaw, I.E.L. Beaver, Canada 1944,” according to the sign…

Portland chainsaw

Crowds always gather in the engine area. One of those big engines starts puffing out smoke and that flywheel turns and folks just migrate in that general direction. There are even bleachers set up as it is a favorite spot to land. 

Portland gas engine area

Speaking of the engine area, this year I was honored to become a member of the Oil Field Engine Society (OFES) in a very secret initiation that I’m not allowed to divulge! :)

Oil Field Engine Society

Check out this fun little train. An interesting way to see the show, umbrellas for heat or rain; just sit back and enjoy the ride! 

Portland umbrella train

I always get the ribeye sandwiches at this show and this year I tried a buffalo burger! Good stuff.

The website for this show is Come see the swap meet in May, the show in August or the swap meet in October!