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Restoring Vintage Plows

vintage plow

True Blue Blount vintage plow. Photo courtesy Robert R. Barnes

vintage plow

vintage plow

My wife and I got these plows from an 86-year-old friend. We took them apart and used a DeWalt with a wire brush and sanding disc to clean them up. We used all the original nuts and bolts to put them back together. We researched colors and tried to match them up as best we could, considering the age of the plows. The blue one is a True Blue Blount, the white is a Vulcan and the red is a B.F. Avery. My wife used a fine brush to paint the raised lettering yellow on the backside of the Avery. We are going to start an antique tractor/implement restoration business so we can bring history back to life.

Robert R. Barnes

Salem/Congo, Arkansas

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