Letters to the Editor

Restored tractors keep memories alive

The Wade's four restored tractors

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We are sending our renewal subscription for two years to your great magazine, which my wife and I enjoy reading.

We are also including a picture of four tractors we restored. From left to right: A 1941 Farmall H that belonged to my wife's father; a 1946 Farmall A that belonged to my wife's late husband's father - the tractor has been through a fire; a 1968 International 444-Gas that belonged to my father; and a 1955 Ferguson T035 green belly.

When I was 8 or 9, I was raking hay with the Ferguson for my father on the farm he rented. I fell asleep and ran through a barbed wire fence. When my father came to check on me, I told him what had happened, and he didn't believe me. There wasn't a scratch on it - a small cedar tree saved the tractor. I wanted one like my father used on the farm, so I could keep the memories alive.

Steve Wade, 10477 Elk Run Rd., Catlett, VA 20119; (540) 788-1217