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Straw-burners Filled the Bill for Early Mechanized Harvests in California Coal and wood were scarce and expensive on the West Coast in the mid-1800s, so inventors designed steam engines to run on straw. A Gilroy, Calif., collector has restored a rare 1880 Heald portable straw-burning engine. 

Early Farmers Created Their Own Equipment When mechanized equipment came to the farm, farmers used whatever was handy with as little financial outlay as possible – including recycling old vehicles – to save money.  

Behind Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin While Whitney’s simple invention played major roles in mechanized farming, slavery and the economy, it didn’t prove profitable for him.

Scale Models Keep Builder’s Vision Alive — The co-founder of the Hesper-Mabel (Minn.) Steam Engine Days used miscellaneous parts to build scale models of tractors and steam engines. 

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