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 July 2015 Farm Collector cover, with green scale-model tractor

Operating Steam Engines Comes Easily for Minnesota Woman – A Minnesota attorney shares her family’s long history with – and love of – their early 1900s Baker steam traction engines, and how being a licensed female steam traction engineer bucks stereotypes.

Granddad and Grandson Join Forces on Half-Scale Waterloo Boy – When Waterloo Boys go for $145,000 at auction, a grandfather and grandson team decide to spend nine months building a half-scale model instead of buying one themselves.

Early Devices Eased Labor-Intensive Kitchen Chores – Iron and steel’s abundance during the Industrial Revolution led to a plethora of patents for apple peelers, peach parers and stoners, cherry pitters, and raisin seeders to save time in the kitchen.

Remembering the Glory Days of Tractor Manufacturers Down Under – As mechanization came to the farm in the early 1900s, Australia faced challenges adopting the new technology, from slow and heavy transport of imported equipment to unsustainable business plans by local manufacturers.

1930s-Era Drought Levies Heavy Toll on Northern Illinois Dairy Farm – Take a trip back in time to the long, dry summer a 9-year-old spent on his grandparents’ dairy farm, witnessing the lengths his grandfather went to keep the farm afloat.

Tackling the Mower Challenge – Columnist Sam Moore shares the early history of hay mowers, including Cyrus McCormick and Obed Hussey’s reciprocating toothed blade design and James O. Brown’s mower with an endless chain cutter bar.

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