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Inside the June issue of
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 Farm Collector June issue with Avery tractor and water wagon

Ferguson Heritage in the Emerald Isle – A man in Northern Ireland began his love affair with Fergusons at age 4, and started collecting them in his early teens. Now in his 30s, he’s running out of storage space but not his enthusiasm for the brand.

Detail Puts a Shine on Handcrafted Avery Water Wagon – A Minnesota couple reproduces an Avery water wagon to accompany their 1916 Avery steam engine using period photos and marketing pieces.

Famed Cider Presses of the Ohio Valley – Hand-cranked cider presses were the hottest small implements of the late 1800s. The Ohio Valley proved a fertile area for cider press production, with easy access to water power, metals, coal, a skilled work force, white oak forests and rail lines.

Charter Credited With Building the First Internal Combustion Engine Tractor – Visionary businessman John Charter and innovative designer Franz Burger teamed up in 1887 to create the first liquid-fueled, internal combustion tractor, changing agriculture as we knew it. 

Steam-powered Car Held America’s Attention – Briefly – Massachusetts-based identical twins F.E. and F.O. Stanley created one of the most successful steam-powered cars, the Stanley Steamer. While the duo’s designs set speed records, their success was fleeting. Gas-powered engines and electric self-starters took over the market, and the company’s assets were sold in 1923 to Steam Vehicle Corp. of America.

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