Tips and tricks for restoring and repairing antique tractors, gas engines and steam traction engines.

Restoring a Fuller & Johnson Horse-Drawn Corn Planter

These pictures show a Fuller & Johnson horse-drawn corn planter dating to the late 1880s.

From the Ground Up: The Challenge of Implement Restoration

Woody Cone offers his experience with a couple of challenging implement restorations.

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Gas Engine Restoration

Gas Engine Restoration

For the first time, a detailed step-by-step guide to stationary gas engine restoration has been written for engine enthusiasts. From start to finish, Peter Rooke's newly revised, easy-to-follow narrative will impress and educate both new and experienced hobbyists with exhaustive coverage of the process.

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1924 Rumely OilPull 20-40



20 Years of Classics features a fantastic selection of professionally filmed classic tractors that have appeared in the Classic Farm Tractors Calendar from 1990 through 2009.


A 24-page booklet of illustrated articles from The American Thresherman, 1916-1917. Valuable resource for farm steam-engine collectors.

This small book is a collection of articles by periodical author C.M. Giddings that appeared in the American Threshermen magazine from August 1916 – May 1917. The articles contain more than facts and illustrations, they contain the opinions of a respected veteran of the gas engine and tractor industry. He details various concerns he has for the industry at the time of writing, 1980, as well as various facts and trends which are very telling. His opinions lend themselves to a very gripping tale of the industry not seen in other articles or magazines. Blending history, facts, opinion, and an engrossing writing style, many of those interested in steam traction will appreciate this compilation of articles. Illustrated, 28 pages.

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