Steam Engines
The antique steam traction engine hobby, past and present.

Second Wind for 1912 Frick Eclipse

Volunteers coax a century-plus Frick Eclipse steam engine back to life.

Second Nature: Steam Traction Engines Come Easily for Minnesota Woman

Anne Zimmerman has spent her entire life around steam traction engines so it’s little wonder that she’s become an expert.

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Songs of the
Iron Men

Enjoy the glory days of steam farming with Songs of the Iron Men – a 12 song audio CD of original music by editor Christian Williams based on poems originally submitted to Iron-Men Album in the 1950s. Listen to one of the songs on Christian’s blog, The Water Hopper.

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Visit the sparkling John Deere Pavilion in Moline, Ill., where you'll listen to the distinctive and delightful sounds of the John Deere two-cylinder tractors that have captured the hearts of American farm folk for decades. Featured models include: 1935 D, 1936 BO, 1936 B with cultivators, 1938 G, 1939 A, 1939 H, 1939 BR, 1941 LA, 1950 M/I, 1956 Model 420 High Crop and many more great green machines. If you like John Deeres, you'll love this video! 1999. Run time: 60 minutes.


Alternative Energy Secrets focuses on overlooked fuels. In its pages, you'll find extensive information regarding waste oils and their inexpensive conversion to useful fuels. Also included are plans for a super fast oil collector trailer that picks up 200 gallons in a few minutes and does not form water emulsion like a gear pump will. Author Stephen Chastain describes oil cracking, blending, filtering, testing, and the construction of centrifuges to clean waste oils and make them suitable for use in home heating or as diesel fuel. Also covered is the construction of waste oil burners and heaters, tips on off-grid power generation and converting your car to diesel. This book is a practical how to text containing very unusual material. A must have for alternative energy users!