18 HP Traction steam engine serial number 375

Steam Engine Joe Rynda and Wood Bros

Left to right, Dan S. Zehr; Helen Wood; J. F. Wood; Steam Engine Joe Rynda and Wood Bros. 18 hp. steamer, Serial No. 675. as background. All at the Joe Rynda Reunion, Montgomery Minn., 1952

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President's report to the Pioneer Historical Assn., of Montgomery, Minn. Held December 10, 1952

Attended Mass 7:15 Holy Redeemer Church. On Leonard L. Rynda farm one quarter mile west of Montgomery on Lexington Road. At 9:40 lit fire in Wood Bros. 18 HP Traction steam engine serial number 375. Built year 1904.

People were at the steam engines when I arrived. 10: 30 Mr. F. J. Wood and daughter Helen arrived from 3851 Delaware Ave,, Des Moines, Iowa.

Many pictures were taken of Mr. F. J. Wood.

12:00 noon KSTP television car arrived 12:40 pulled up to hitch up J. I. Case agitator 32' cyl. 46' rear. Serial 8920. Built year 1885. This is hand feed: Slat straw stacker, kicker tailings elevator and Smith Talley Box.

13:00 started out for the two stacks with KSTP television taking pictures and about 30 cameras. Many were movie cameras.

13:30 started threshing the two stacks of succotash or wheat and oats mixed.

14:10 stopped for lunch. Lunch brought up by the team of horses hitched to lumber wagon with grain box on it. Kolacky and Pony of Beer were unloaded.

Pony beer was tapped with the Whiffle Tree king pin and beer dumped into 5 gallon pail from which the the threshing crew dipped in with cups amid at Kolacky for lunch.

14:50 started threshing again.