1923 Case Engine Restored

Retiree, Harold Stark, helps restore Noel Ertel's 65 HP Case engine No. 35637.

Six steam engines
Starting with the smallest, and working our way upward, the 1' scale model belongs to the Arden Talbert family of Minden, Nebraska, who put on a show with Harold Warp's Pioneer Village in the middle of August each year. The 2' scale belongs to Joe Dittrick of Kenesaw, Nebraska. Matheny thinks that Dittrick used Cole's castings for this model. The scale is the property of Gilbert Finnigsmier, also of Kenesaw. This engine is a Ternings engine. The 1/3 scale belongs to Robert and Benjamin Matheny of Kearney, Nebraska. The scale's owner is John Sanger of Franlin, Nebraska, and it was built by Tom Terning. And finally, the full size 191465 HP Case belongs to Robert Matheny. All models are working models running on wood and coal.