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Here is our 1973 show report. Sorry I'm late.

The 1973 S. W. Iowa Antique Machinery and Threshing Show, held Aug. 3, 4, & 5 was a great success. The weather was in full cooperation as we had 3 very pleasant days.

Despite the conflicts with other activities in our area we had a very large increase in crowd size.

The large Corliss stationary steam engine performed flawlessly and was one of the main attractions at the show.

The log cabin, school house, and depot were open and many articles pertaining to the said buildings were on display along with all the hundreds of items in the main building.

A. C. Eshelman's 19 - 65 Port Huron steam traction engine was repaired, tested, and put to work for the first time in 15 or more years. It is a tandem compound and operates very smoothly.

A broom maker from Sheridan, Missouri was on hand showing how to assemble a straw broom but no one seemed interested in using one.

For the pleasure of all who visited the large museum building, a player piano belted out good old time tunes that set the toe a tapping.

Many old tractors and engines were brought onto the show grounds and displayed along with the ones owned by the Eshelmans'.

Ben Wilson brought his newly restored 20-40 opposed Case tractor, to the pleasure of all tractors buffs. Henry Carstens returned with his 12-25 Avery and Harold Wilson had his old reliable 25-45 Case cross mount.

The steam engines took turns on the baker fan and the Wood Bros, threshing machine while the CC Case was belted to the John Deere stationary baler and baled the straw as it came from the separator.

Members from the Central Hawkeye Gas Engine and Tractor Club that were not obligated otherwise, were on hand to help operate tractors and engines. Many brought their favorite engines and displayed them. This all tends to make a very fine show.

On Saturday night there was a talent and variety show in the Pilot Grove County Park followed by a square dance and round dance. Most of the campers from the camping area were on hand for some clapping and stomping.

As the sun rose Sunday morning and the show area and park began to come alive again, Rev. David Wendell of Elliott, held church services in the park shelter. We hope this will become another annual event connected with the show weekend which will be held August 2, 3, & 4, 1974.

The Eshelman family wants to entend our very sincere thanks to everyone who attended our show and to everyone who displayed and helped to make it a most successful show. Without your support and help our show would be much less than it is.

I would like to mention all the names of people who helped and displayed but I'd miss many so again, thanks to everyone and we hope to see you in 1974.