65 HP Case

This is a 3'' scale model of a 1915 65 HP Case. This model weighs 1000 pounds and was built in 1963. The owners are Charlie and David Dykeman of 337 Malcolm Street, London, Ontario, Canada.

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R. R. 7, Thamesuille, Ontario, Canada

The 20th Annual Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association Reunion was held at the Brigden Fair Grounds in Brigden on August 19,20 and 21, 1977.

There were 18 steam engines and 62 tractors on display and there was also a large selection of gas engines and small farm machinery being displayed. The steam engines and tractors were in the parade which traveled around the grounds on all three days. Also taking part in the parade, were the ox-pulled Prairie Schooner of the Butlers, the team of trained pigs belonging to the McPherson's of Alisa Craig and a large selection of antique cars.

Also on display were several working models, one of which was brought by Charlie Dykeman, while others were displayed by the London Model Club.

Russell Orth had a Frick engine (an American engine built in the style of the early steam engines) on display.

If the people became tired from all the walking and they still wanted to see what other activities were going on on the grounds, there were two means of transportation. Fred McCormick had his team of horses and a wagon while others could travel around on a double-decker bus owned by W. G. Thompson and Sons of Blenheim.

The flea market, which was held on all three days, proved quite successful with a lot of quality merchandise and dealers participating. Also well visited was the Bean Pot, managed by Ken Crowe of Walla ceburg with assistance from Reg Kemp. The Bean Pot offered home cooked beans, cooked over an open fire.

The threshing demonstration, which was held throughout the three day event, allowed the members of the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association to show how things were done in the days gone by.

Earl and Martha Heywood, recording artists, presented a grand stand show every afternoon. Other demonstrations which kept the people entertained were the log sawing, hay baling, and shingle mill.

This year the Western Ontario Steam Threshers Association Reunion will be held on August 18,19 and 20, 1978.