3rd Annual Show

25 x 75 Case steamer

25 x 75 Case steamer and 8 bottom plow. Engineer is F. Freschette, steering is Wm. Hughes and also Ernie Walters. Courtesy of Fred M. Freschette, R. R. 4, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Fred M. Freschette

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R. R. 4,Red Deer, Alberta.

I would like to report on the steam show at Langdon Corner 16 miles East of Calgary, Alberta, August 12 & 13, 1972.

This is the club's 3rd annual show and I am more than pleased to report that we have a steam show on its feet and on its way to being the biggest show of its kind in Alberta. I would like to list the executives of the club. President Doug Hartley, Vice-President Harry Garriott, Treasurer Arlo Jurney, Secretary Beth Taylor, General Manager Ken Taylor and Executive members: Tom Anderson, Frank Sherring, and Harvie Walters.

Incorporated under Society Act of Alberta February 29/72.

To start off I would like to give credit to Ken Taylor and the Taylor family who have supplied the land and storage and the bundles for threshing and the club meeting place plus some of the equipment.

No end of thanks can repay people who support a club as they have from its beginning. Also Glenbow Foundation for machinery on loan.

Now to the show. We arrived Saturday at noon and the show was well under way with different activities going on everywhere.

There was a 1909 1 Cylinder Famous 1 HC Tractor with a drip screen for a cooler operating the thresher and doing a fine job. Also at the time was a 40 x 80 Aultman Taylor Tractor which the club has put into very nice shape. It was pulling an 8 bottom plow with ease, a nice 30 x 60 Model E Rumely was pulling the Baker fanand did it ever purr!

I was make welcome by both Doug and Arlo and Ken and was welcomed onto the 25 x 75 Case steamer and had the pleasure of belting it up to the separator and doing some threshing, and it was with great pleasure to find my pal George Dunlap from Saskatoon also operating the steam engine. Most everyone in Alberta and Saskatchewan know George as he is one of the finest persons and Steam Engineer you would want to meet anywhere.

I left the show and travelled home as I was to plow at home with my steamers on Sunday. However, I was rained out completely so I travelled back the next morning with John Kvill and my wife, plus his 3' model of a 32 Reeves Compound. We unloaded the little Reeves and it was an immediate star with everyone, as it is a master piece of work.

My guests were Bill Hughes from England, Bill Writes under the name of the 'Northener' for the Model Engineer Magazine in Britain. Also Stan Green of Calgary who is a master model builder with no peers as a model builder.

These two gentlemen are steam engine enthusiasts and did appreciate their reception by the club members who turned the 25 x 75 Case steamer over to us to use and we put it through the paces on the plow and thresher.

The crowd was very interested and Ken Taylor kept them informed by loud speaker, and did a fine job of commentation.

The lineup for the parade included the Case steamer and about 12 nicely restored gas tractors also there was span of 4 horses supplied by George Cowlings and they were beautifully matched and for any who remember and worked with horses, they were a pleasure.

There also was 2 displays set up one of old time wrenches and its range covered all the wrenches I can remember. Also one display with a Switcher Locomotive plus some fine working models of valve gears and one other display of various lights, whistles, etc. all the displays added interest to the show.

The support given this club by the local papers in Calgary and South did much to help the attendance.

On Sept. 17, 1972, some of the members of the Pioneer Acres Plowman & Thresher's Club of Calgary, Alberta, had a 'get-together' at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Freschette, Red Deer, Alberta. Here they are in all their 'glory'. The engine on the left, is a 1920 40 H. P. Case-buttistrap boiler, owned by Mr. Freschette. The engine on the right, owned by a very nice lady, Mrs. Freschette, is a 1916 16-48 D. S. Rumely. The model in foreground was built and is owned by John Kvill, New Norway, Alberta, Canada. It is under steam as the smoke denotes; it is a 32-110 C. C. Reeves.

The enthusiasm of the club members and helpers is gratifying to see and be a part of.

Things I am sure you will see next year will be stooking competition, Belting competition, threshing competition, and I am sure the Models will increase as I know there are some fine models in the district.

To all I did not name Be assured your help was more than appreciated and will be welcomed next year at a bigger and better show.

Thank you Mr. Editor for being kind enough to allow us space in your fine magazine as you know these reports do wonders for show attendance and membership.