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The following list was sent to us by longtime friend of Iron-Men Album, Wilmer Eshleman, 3001 Lititz Pike, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17601, who says, 'All the old timers were well verse don this, but some of the current operators would be interested in this.' This sheet appeared in the 'Frick Engine Club', P.O. Box 70, Climax, North Carolina 27233.Ed.


Which is another way of repeating what has already been said.

1.Don't empty the boiler when the brick work is hot.

2.Don't pump cold water into a hot boiler.

3.Don't allow filth of any kind to accumulate around the boiler or boiler room.

4.Don't leave your shovel or any other tool out of its appointed place when not in use.

5.Don't fail to keep all the bright work about the boiler neat and 'shiny'.

6.Don't forget that negligence causes great loss and danger.

7.Don't fail to be alert and ready-minded and ready-headed about the boiler and furnace.

8.Don't read newspapers when on duty.

9.Don't fire up too quickly.

10.Don't let any water or dampness come on the outside of your boiler.

11.Don't let any dampness get into the boiler and pipe coverings.

12.Don't fail to see that you have plenty of water in the boiler in the morning.

13.Don't fail to keep the water at the same height in the boiler all day.

14.Don't let any one talk to you when firing.

15.Don't allow water to remain on the floor about the boiler.

16.Don't fail to blow off steam once or twice per day according as the water is more less pure.

17.Don't fail to close the blow-off cock, when blowing off, when the water in the boiler has sunk to one and a half inches.

18.Don't fail, while cleaning the boiler, to examine and clean all cocks, valves and pipes and look to all joints and packings.

19.Don't commence cleaning the boiler until it has had time to cool.

20.Don't forget daily to see that the safety valve moves freely and is tight.

21.Don't fail to clean the boiler inside frequently and carefully.

22.Don't fail to notice that the steam gauge is in order.

23.Don't fail to keep an eye out for leaks and have them repaired immediately, no matter how small.

24.Don't fail to empty the boiler every week or two and re-fill it with fresh water.

25.Don't let any air into the furnace, except what goes through the grate bars, or the smoke burners, so called, by which the air is highly heated.

26.Don't increase the load on the safety valve beyond the pressure allowed by the inspector.

27.Don't fail to open the doors of the furnace and start the pump when the pressure is increased beyond the amount allowed, but

28.Don't fail to draw the fires when there is danger from the water having fallen too low.

29.Don't fail to check the fire if too hot to draw, do it with fresh coal, damp ashes, clinkers or soil; and

30.Don't fail to open the doors of the furnace and close the ash pit doors at the time the fire is checked and

31.Don't decrease the steam pressure by feeding in water or suddenly blowing off steam, and

32.Don't touch the safety valve, even if it be opened or closed, and

33.Don't change the feed apparatus if it is working, or the throttle-valve be open; let them both remain as they are for a short time, and

34.Don't fail to change them very cautiously and slowly when you close them, and

35.Don't fail to be very cool and brave while resolute in observing these last seven 'Don'ts'.

36.Don't fail to keep yourself neat and tidy.

37.Don't fail to be polite as well as neat and brave.

38.Don't fail to keep the tubes clear and free from soot and ashes.

39.Don't let too many ashes gather in the ashpit.

40.Don't disturb the fire when it is burning good nor stir it up too often.

41.Don't be afraid to get instruction from books and engineering papers.

42.Don't fail to make an honest self-examination as to points upon which you may be ignorant, and really need to know in order to properly attend to your duties.

43.Don't allow too much smoke to issue from the top of the chimney if the cause lies within your power to prevent it.

44.Don't think that after working at firing and its kindred duties for a year or two that the whole subject of engineering has been learned.

45.Don't forget that one of the best helps in getting forward is the possession of a vigorous and well balanced mind and body this covers temperance and kindred virtues and a willingness to acquire and impart knowledge.

46.Don't forget to have your steam gauge tested at least once in three months.

47.Don't use a wire or metallic rod as a handle to a swab in cleaning the glass tube of a water gauge for the glass may suddenly fly to pieces when in use within a short time afterwards.

48.Don't forget that steam pumps require as much attention as a steam engine.

49.Don't run a steam pump piston, unless in an emergency, at a speed exceeding 80 to 100 feet per minute.

50.Don't do anything without a good reason for it about the engine or boiler, but when you are obliged to do anything, do it thoroughly and as quickly as possible.

51.Don't forget to sprinkle a thin layer of coal on the grates before lighting the shavings and wood in the morning. This practice preserves the grate bars.

52.Don't take the cap off a bearing and remove the upper brass simply to see if things are working well; if there is any trouble it will soon give you notice, and besides, you never can replace the brass in exactly its former position, so that you may find that the bearing will heat soon afterwards, owing to your own uncalled-for interference.

53.Don't put sulphur on a hot bearing, unless you intend to ruin the brasses.

54.Don't use washed waste that has a harsh feel, as the chemicals used in cleansing it have not been thoroughly removed.

55.Don't, in case of an extensive fire, involving the whole business, rush off without drawing the fires, and raising and propping open the safety valve of the boiler.

56.Don't fail to preserve your health, for 'a sound mind in a sound body' is beyond a money valuation.

57.Don't fail to remember that engineers and firemen are in control of the great underlying force of modern civilization; hence, do nothing to lower the dignity of the profession.

58.Don't forget that in the care and management of the steam boiler the first thing required is an unceasing watchfulness watch-care.

59.Don't forget that an intemperate, reckless or indifferent man has no business in the place of trust of a steam boiler attendant.

60.Don't allow even a day to pass without adding one or more facts to your knowledge of engineering in some of its branches.