A Lifetime In Education

Bixler's traction engine

Old Number 13291, Bixler's traction engine built by the Russell Co. in 1907. It was first used to propel a generator furnishing power for construction of the Republic Steel Co. at Massillon, Ohio. Later it was rebuilt and used as power for threshing machi

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President Robert N. Montgomery recently announced that Dr. Lorin E. Bixler is retiring at the close of the 1961 Summer Session. Dr. Bixler came to Muskingum in September, 1929, from Ohio State University, where he was studying toward the Ph.D. degree, specializing in elementary teacher education. He received the degree in 1932 and was promoted to the rank of professor that year including the chairmanship of elementary teacher education. He was appointed head of the department of education in 1948.

Lorin E. Bixler's education began in a one-room rural school, Stark County, Ohio, where he shared the time and attention of one teacher with forty-one other beginners. He enjoyed school from the very first, even though he walked the four-mile round trip each day. He soon found that reading is the key to most recorded information.

After receiving the Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Union College in 1921, he taught in the Canton Junior High School and in the Boardman High School. The Master of Arts degree was conferred by Columbia University in 1923

Full account of Mr. Bixler's life can be found in the Alumni Edition, May 1961, Muskingum College Bulletin.