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Ford City, PA. 16226

Another successful Steam Show Season has come to pass and I would like to give a brief summary of my participation. As I see it, there is an ever increasing number of model engines steam and gas being displayed at the shows. The great increase of suppliers of castings for the modeler is a very good sign that model building is on the increase.

Most of the shows have changed over from steam to air for operation of the models. This I wholeheartedly agree with both for safety's sake and those men who bring almost priceless engines appreciate the cleanliness of air operation. I have been going to shows for over 25 years and have suffered many burns from hot tubing used to run my engines.

In all my show attendances, I have never received such courtesy, etc. as I did from the Milton, Ontario, Canada show under the capable supervision of Jean and Jack Layman. Those people sent me an invitation to attend their show along with two complimentary passes. Their model building has a concrete floor which means no dirt getting into your models. And to top it off Mrs. Layman had a big coffee urn set up for the modelers' use at no charge to them. Nice people, Mr. & Mrs. Layman.

During the activities in the afternoon I sat in the grandstand for awhile, and as I looked across the track to the demonstration area, there was the Canadian Maple Leaf Flag in one corner and in the other corner the Stars and Stripes of our countryif that don't give you a little lump in the throat, nothing ever will. The only two countries in the whole world with unarmed borders. Canadians are nice people.

I hadn't visited the Tuscarawas, Ohio show for several years and I couldn't believe how the show had developed. The grounds were jammed with people and machinery. Quite a few model engines, steam operated.

Canandaigua, NY always has a good show there must have been about 200 models on display under the capable supervision of Bus Longrod. I would suggest spreading 'Dust Down' on the dirt floor of the model building. Thousands of eager spectators passed through on Saturday.

Meadville, PA is coming along for the modelers they have a nice building with a concrete floor. They will need more tables for the models in the future. Jean Metcalf and her husband were in charge of the model exhibit.

Portersville, PA is seeing the light also they recently installed new tables for the modelers and changed over from steam to air operation. This show is getting bigger every year. A lot of Ohio guys like this show.

I took my inch scale E6s locomotive to meets at Rahns, PA, near Philadelphia, New Jersey Live Steamers near Somerville and my home track at Beaver, PA. Met a lot of fine people every where that's what its all about!