Antique Acres 1987 Show Report

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1515 Longfellow Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Welcome to ANTIQUE ACRES. We would like to give you our special 50 guided tour around our grounds. When you first come in the gate you are greeted by our friendly ticket people. They hand you our brochures telling you what you will be seeing. From there to our ample parking grounds and from there just a stones throw to our show grounds. The first thing you will see upon arrival from the parking lot will be one of our big engines performing duties on the Prony Brake, being operated by Mr. Ray Smolik of Osage, Iowa. Today Ray is going to put the 140 horse Reeves to the test. Firing this old giant is Graham Sellers, pulling the throttle, and letting the ol girl do her thing is Randy Scherwin from Sumner, Iowa. Boy what a pair to draw to. Well the ol girl put on a nice show, pulling 165 horses. Who said they get older, they get tired. Not so in this case. By the way, mentioning Case, here comes the 110 up to do her stuff owned by Ed and Ray Smolik from Osage, Iowa. Well, they get the belt tight, or at least they think they have it tight. She starts talking real nice. Yes, you guessed it she just spits the belt off! Well, John Schrock from Mason, Michigan, has to get down from the perch and do it all over again. This time he gets it fiddle string tight. They start turning her down and she begins to put out the black smoke and puts out some real nice music. You steam fans will know what I'm talking about. Well, she pulls 155 horse. Boy the old girl put on a nice show today. Coming along with the Coach from Michigan is that daredevil, Harry Wood manse. Everybody has heard about his daredevil stunts from climbing the famous ramp to seeing what he could do daring with the various makes of engines. We have a great time with these guys from Michigan. Someday I have to visit them and get even. From the brake you will see many engines trying to do their thing for our fans and also our gas tractor people get involved pulling the fans too. From there you will walk up through the main drag to our museum where you will see our big stationary engines operated by Rick Witte. Rick has them really humming today. Everything is cooking real good. You will wander through the museum looking at the various old pieces of equipment on display there. At about this time, you will see our souvenir booth but, something else catches your eye. After that long ride mother nature calls. You will be surprised to know that we have clean modern rest-rooms with nice warm shower, for you people who will be camping with us. Now that we have that detail taken care of, on back to our tour. You stop and browse through our amply stocked souvenir booth. Come back later before going home.

You walk across our special feature island where a nice motor home sits that John Deere builds the chassis for. From there the sawmill should be humming if the sawyer has not gotten careless and hit a nail and is supposedly sharpening up. I have not figured out yet how you can sharpen a saw from the shade tree. Someday I am going to get him to show me. Today we have Smoliks 22 HP Advance-Rumely powering it. Charlie had the oP girl all hot and popping off, come on Fritz, the saw-men is finally ready. Frita and Cleta are from Ohio originally, but now call Arizona home. Thanks to them for helping. Well they get sawing again. On the odd days the Bellinger 20 horse Advance-Rumely powers it. Just out of the corner of my eye comes Dave Fowls little 16 horse Reeves. Boy, talk about a nice quiet engine. You have to watch it run to believe it is moving, not a click. Sure wished mine was that quiet.

From the sawmill through the large gas engine alley set up by John Ruth who also takes care of our PA system, you will find Stewart Fenton and his complete display of Rumely Oil Pulls, of which my favorite is that ever-popular Bump Bump 30-60. What a piece of machinery! From there to our tractor display area. This year we are lucky enough to have the M & M Collectors with us. Seeing all that yellow makes you wonder if you had bad coffee for breakfast or was it the night before. Anyway they had a very nice display along with our featured tractor, Oliver. A big thanks to the people who lined this all up. By now the antique tractor pull is getting under way. Boy, do those old girls cackle, I sure do enjoy hearing them talk.

By now your tummy is telling you it is dinner-time. Well, after a delicious meal from our food people it is time for our parade to begin.

Mr. Art Robinson whom we call, or as he calls himself, the motor mouth of the north, because he and his wife Hulda are from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Thanks for your help. By now, it is parade time, starting off the parade is our caretakers the Millers. They dress in old time costumes. Molly always had to poke Venice in the seat of the pants with the old time wooden pitch fork, as he always wants to hold up the parade by talking to all the pretty ladies in the crowd. Anyway, we get him going and the rest follow through. Rich Stavely coming along with his beautiful Belgian horses pulling a 4-bottom plow which he plows with. Talk about horse power, there you have it! The engines come through but I cannot believe my eyes. I think the big Reeves has had a little Reeves. Then I find it is Mr. Mike Parker from Fairfield, Iowa, with his scale model of the big Reeves. What a beautiful model. Thanks, Mike, for coming up to see us.

After the parade the two big engines do their thing. The Reeves taking her turn pulling the 14-bottom plow. Both engines do a beautiful job pulling the big plow. After plowing we start threshing. Today it is a complete outfit made in Des Moines, Iowa. This is the 18 horse Wood Brothers engine and separator owned by the Fischels family. Ray journeys all the way from Jersey along with his wife, Betty. Nice to have you both here. Bob takes the easy end, he is the separator-man. Seems we always have ample bundle pitchers, everyone enjoys pitching one more time. I think they just want to see if they can slug the machine. Not so today as the Wood Brothers just keeps on puffing away. As I turn around from there right behind me is the Smoliks big logger engine. This has 4 engines, 2 on each side of the smoke box. I have often wondered what the old girl sounded like up in Canada pulling those loads of logs in the wintertime. You will find Mr. Ed Smolik pulling the throttle. Do not be afraid to take the time to get him to tell you about getting hold of all 3 of their engines, but be ready to spend a little time because it is a lengthy but very interesting story. It is hard to get him to slow down though as I have heard through the grapevine that he had been known to go about 90 miles an hour. Pretty fast for an 80 year old man, I would say.

After you have come up from the threshing you walk into our feature building displaying our feature equipment. This year it was Galloway. The old piano is putting out the prettiest music, and would you believe, Mr. Miller has taken time out from talking to all the pretty ladies to entertaining them now. Boy, talk about a guy!

From there to the toy feature building and seeing all the nice toy displays. If I just had a fat pocket book I could relive all my boyhood dreams of having all those nice toys. Next you go through part of our vast flea market display. You'll find everything from soup to nuts. One last visit to the pottie before going home. On the way to the car you see more flea markets. 'Must be something out there that the guy wants to get rid of at a bargain price. Well, you make your way through the area thinking no, I really don't need this, but maybe I can talk him out of it at a good price. It takes you longer than you thought as it was bigger than you had anticipated, but you feel you have to go back and take that special item home that you've been looking for. You make it back only to find that someone has already come along and bought your bargain. If only I had bought it when I saw it. Well, there will be another one and I will not pass that one up.

I would like to take this time to thank each and everyone who helps put on our show. Without all the armchair supervisors right down to the little ones who also participate with all of us, without you we would not have a show. We would also like to invite you to stop by and enjoy our campgrounds if you need a place to hang your hat for a day or two or, maybe even longer. Remember, we are on Highway 218 North of Cedar Falls, Iowa. Only 4 miles north.

We always have the welcome mat out. Please feel free to enjoy our hospitality. Next year's show dates are August 25, 26, 27, 28. I hope I have not bored you too much and hope you have enjoyed the 50 tour. We would rather have you take it in person as you would really enjoy it. Stop in and tell us, HELLO!