Antique Engine and Threshermens Association

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Bird City, Kansas

Memories of a by-gone era were vividly brought to the minds of the old timers, and a very interesting spectacle for the younger generation on August 6 and 7, when the Antique Engine and Threshermens Association had their annual celebration on the Roy E. Kite farm at Bird City, Kansas.

There were about 15 engines that took part in the program. Each owner was given a chance to try out his engine on the plow or on a threshing machine of which there were several.

Several states were represented including Wyoming, Colorado Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. Several of the engines were brought in from these states.

Lyman Knapp of Blackwell, Okla.. was there with his 6 hp Russell. As neat and as clean a little engine as you have ever seen. In brilliant red, yellow, and black and in top running condition. It is 63 years old.

The McKloski brothers of Ogallala, Nebraska, were there with their miniature Case steam engine and threshing machine. This was a very interesting and unusual display. The engine was about two feet long and weighed about 125 pounds. It carried over 100 pounds of steam, and was operated and controlled the same as the full 65 hp size Case steam engine.

The little threshing machine was the exact replica of a 32-54 Case. The miniature was about 3 feet long and weighed 75 pounds. It had a spike tooth cylinder, sives, shakers, return elevator, ban dcutters, weightier, blower, all the belts, pulleys and sprockets, etc., of a real separator, except in size.

Some 1600 man-hours went into the building of the engine and about 1000 man-hours into the building of the separator. When belted up this little outfit would actually thresh and clean small grain and seed such as pigweed heads, millet, etc. A wonderful piece of workmanship to say the least.