Auction at Henry Ford Museum

Taber & Morse Steam Engine

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Hudson & Marshall, Inc., Realtors and Auctioneers, is pleased to announce that on October 19,1985, they will be conducting an auction for The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The following statement has been prepared by the Museum and provides the reason for the auction:

'The most basic function of a Museum is the preservation and interpretation of its collections. To effectively carry out the responsibility a Museum must continually review and evaluate its collections to assure that they grow and develop in concert with its basic mission.

'All of the objects that will be sold through the auction have been subjected to a rigorous review process and have been determined to be either redundant to other objects in the collections or out of the scope of the Museum's collecting areas. In all cases this determination has been made by the appropriate curator, collections committee (made up of members of the Museum's staff), the President, and the Board of Trustees.

'Funds from the sale of collection materials are restricted by the Board of Trustees to the acquisition of new collection objects or the conservation of existing collections.

'Items to be included in this auction are basically of a mechanical nature and range from some small electrical devices to a full size 1865 Grant Mogul 2-6-0 Locomotive. There will be approximately 400 items in the auction.'

General categories of items to be auctioned are as follows: Automobiles, Horse-Drawn Vehicles, Motorcycles, Truck, Bicycles, Marine Items, Railroad Items, Hot Air Engines, Steam Engines, Internal Combustion Engines, Portable Steam Engines, Agricultural Items, Metal Working Machinery, Woodworking Machinery, Miscellaneous Electrical Items.

Steam engines to be sold include a Bucyrus, a Reeves & Co., and a Westinghouse. Portable steam engines by Geiser; Wood, Taber & Morse; Nichols & Shepard; Upton; Birdsall; Watertown; and Messinger will also be included in the auction.

Admission to the Auction will be by catalog only. The cost of the catalog is $15.00. There will be No Bidder Registration or Buyers Fees. The catalog will contain many photos and descriptions of each of the items to be sold, and will also contain a bidder registration form and complete information about bidding and removal. Each catalog will admit 2 people to the Auction Area. Catalogs may be purchased by sending $15.00 to Hudson & Marshall, Inc. Dept. E.I.C. 717 North Avenue Macon, Georgia 31211. Catalogs will also be available at the Henry Ford Museum prior to the auction and at the gate the weekend of the auction.