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If you're interested in steam, especially models and toys, you'll want to know about the annual auction at the Owls Head Transportation Museum in Maine.

The price key for the sale held in July 1984 gives you an excellent idea of the way the sale went, and if you are attracted you had better get ready for the 1985 auction.

Here are some sale prices, picked from the key:

#186, an early steam engine and boiler model, maker's plate inscribed J. F. Werner, 62 Center St., N.Y., overall length 16 inches, height 9 inches, width 11 inches, $1,600.

#210, a Creators steam popcorn engine model, with fly ball governor, as used on early Creators Popcorn Wagons to run the peanut roaster, $800.

#219, a 6 HP vertical wine bottle steam engine, 60 inches high, 43 inches long, 21 inches wide, $400.

#257, a Weeden model 648 steam toy, electrically fired, overall length 7 inches, width 6 inches, height 6 inches, $160.

#63, an early steam turbine toy, possibly Doll et Cie, $100.

#96, an early working steam launch model, hand carved hull, $1,500.

#111, a large unidentified vertical steam toy, brass boiler with side mounted steam engine, $2,000.

#133, a Linemar toy steam engine, with box, $100.

#140, a Weeden toy steam tractor, $375.

All sorts of collectible items went on the block, and we regret that we cannot list them all in detail, with the prices that bidders were willing to pay.

If you want to know more, write to Owls Head Transportation Museum, Route 73, Knox County Airport, Owls Head, Maine 04854.