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319 East 16th Street, Hutchinson, Kansas 67501

The Kansas Antique Engine Show Safety Association, Inc., feels the 1977 Kansas Legislature and Governor Bennett has given us the kind of backing that was needed by passing and signing the 1977 Senate Bill #7 concerning engine boilers.

The passage of this piece of legislation shows their confidence in our Safety Association and its efforts towards safety of antique engines that are used for exhibition. It also shows their awareness of the place our shows and exhibitions are taking with the general public, for both educational purposes as well as entertainment.

The part of Kansas Senate Bill #7 that gives our Safety organization and the engine shows in Kansas the kind of backing we have needed since the old boiler act was discontinued two years ago is in Section 8. It is as follows:

(a) In addition to the deputy inspectors authorized by section 7, the secretary, upon the request of any company licensed to insure and insuring boilers in this state or of the Kansas Antique Engine Show Safety Association, shall issue to any inspectors of such insurance company or association certificates of competency as special inspectors, provided that each such inspector shall hold a commission issued by the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors or shall be approved by the Kansas Antique Engine Show Safety Association as the case may be.

(b) Special inspectors shall receive no salary from, nor shall any of their expenses be paid by the state, and the continuance of their certificates of competency shall be conditioned upon their continuing in the employ of the boiler insurance company duly authorized as aforesaid or upon the continuing approval of the Kansas Antique Engine Show Safety Association and upon their maintenance of the standards imposed by this act and by rules and regulations adopted hereunder.

(c) Special inspectors shall inspect all boilers insured by their respective companies or those boilers designated by the Kansas Antique Engine Show Safety Association and, when so inspected, the owners and users of such boilers shall be exempt from the payment to the state of the inspection fees provided for in subsection (a) of section 14.

Section 9 (a) A special inspector's certificate of competency may be suspended by the secretary, after due investigation, for the incompetence or untrustworthiness of the holder thereof or for wilful falsification of any matter or statement contained in such inspector's application or in a report of any inspection made by such inspector. Written notice of any such suspension shall be given by the secretary within not more than ten (10) days thereof to the inspector and the inspector's employer.

Our Association and all that are concerned hope this new law will enable us to secure more favorable attention and a better image with insurance companies to secure adequate liability protection.

The annual meeting of the Kansas Antique Engine Show Safety Association, Inc., was held in April at the Deemer Welding Headquarters in McPherson, Kansas. The weather was inclement but the Shows Association members from Bird City, Kansas, Ft. Scott, Gossell and Haviland were in attendance. The meeting was called to order by President Earl Bressler of Bird City, Kansas. Procedural activities were then taken care of by Vice-President, George Jackson of Ft. Scott and Secretary-Treasurer, Deemer Unruh of the Gossell Kansas Wheat Heritage Engine Association.

The recently signed Senate Bill #7 was studied and commented upon and approval was expressed. All members present were appreciative of the work that had been done and agreed to write words of appreciation to their State Senators and Representatives and particularly to Rep. John Hayes of the 104th District which includes Hutchinson, Kansas.

With the new Senate bill fresh in mind, a discussion and study of inspector's procedures were outlined and many requirements finalized, the special inspectors as provided for in the above quoted Sec. 8 will be recommended by each Kansas City Association, this recommendation in writing will be filed with the secretary of the Kansas Antique Engine Shows Safety Association. Then these recommendations will be approved or disapproved by the members of the Safety Association. After approval, the secretary will be instructed to forward these names to Mr. Jim McLain who is head of the Kansas State Human Resources Department. Upon that departments approval, the appointment will be sent back to the association secretary and the action will be then finalized.

In view of the fact that safety at our shows depends so much upon the engineer operating the engine, it was decided to issue an Engineer's Card to all qualified member engineers in the Kansas shows. These names are to be submitted and approved by each show association. The Kansas Antique Engine Shows Safety Association will then record such names and issue the credentials.

Such a pool of qualified capable engineers has been needed by all of the shows for some time and will become more needed as the older men drop out. It is our sincere desire that only men that are qualified to run an engine, either his, or mine or anybody else's will be recommended to carry such a card. These men will be available and qualified to assist at any show at any time. We further feel this card will help in identifying our Kansas Engineers when they are in attendance at out of state shows and events.

Particulars were stressed concerning training young men (or women) for handling steam engines of the traction type. This was agreed upon as a must for the future welfare of engine shows. Certainly our qualified engineers are going to play an important part in this sort of training program.

At a later date, we hope to set up rules and regulations and safety procedures for operating of internal combustion engines and tractors at exhibitions and shows. This we know has been sadly lacking in the past by some of the 'hot-rodding' and antics that have been observed at the shows.

All officers were re-elected by acclamation for the year of 1977.

More will follow on what Kansas is doing to promote safety and continuity and uniformity of actions and procedures at the various shows in the state. We would like to hear what others are doing about these things in their association.