History of a C.H. Brown Stationary Steam Engine

Inventor and builder C.H. Brown developed the automatic cutoff steam engine; this 150 HP model powered a New Hampshire sawmill for almost 75 years.

Volunteer Ray de Zara lifts one-half of the C.H. Brown's flywheel and checks lifting slings in preparation for final unloading of the Brown engine at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association's grounds in Kent, Conn.If you include the engine's original shipping in 1875, when it was sent to run a lumber mill in Glenn, N.H., this constitutes the third time the 1875 150 HP C. H. Brown stationary steam engine has been moved. Its second move was in the early 1950s when a young Ed Clark rescued the derelict engine from the then-defunct mill, taking it apart and transporting it to his family's property in Lincoln, N.H.