Case Heritage Foundation Picks Annual Expo Sites

Helen Case Brigham

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Co-Chairman, Communications, Case Heritage Foundation, 204 East Melbourne Ave., Silver Spring, Maryland 20901.

In the few months since its first organizational meeting in May 1987, the International J. I. Case Heritage Foundation has boosted its roster of voting members to almost 1,000 persons and has announced an impressive line-up of annual expositions for the next five years. The Foundation honors the memory of J. I. Case and is dedicated to the preservation of North America's agricultural heritage.

Launched at the first International J. I. Case Heritage Exposition at Pawnee, Oklahoma, last spring, the Foundation will hold its second annual 'Expo' in conjunction with the 40th Annual Reunion of the Rough and Tumble Engineers' Historical Association, one of America's oldest ag-heritage groups, at Kinzers (Lancaster County), Pennsylvania, on August 17-20, 1988. The Foundation welcomes both exhibitors and visitors to this gathering of old steam engines, tractors, farm machines, Case cars (the J. I. Case Threshing Machine Co. did make a passenger car during the first quarter of the 20th Century) and admirers of ag-heritage

Interested persons may obtain information about membership and the 1988 Case Heritage Expo by writing Foundation Secretary Helen Case Brigham, 204 East Melbourne Avenue, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901, to ask for 'Case Heritage Info,' enclosing a self-addressed envelope with 22-cents (U.S.) return postage. Foundation members receive a quarterly newsletter.

After the 1988 event at Kinzers, the Foundation will go to Austin, Manitoba, where its third Expo will be held on July 26-29, 1989, in conjunction with the annual Thresher-men's Reunion and Stampede at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum. Foundation Vice President and Expo Site Selection Committee Chairman W. C. 'Chady' Atteberry reports that the Foundation's directors have accepted several other bids from associations seeking to host future Case Expos.

1990, last weekend in July and first weekend in August, Western Antique Power's annual 'Great Oregon Steam up' at Salem (Brooks), Oregon; 1991, five days ending on Labor Day, the Midwest Old Settlers and Threshers Association's Annual Reunion at Mount Pleasant, Iowa; 1992, the 150th anniversary year of the company established by J. I. Case, four days ending on Labor Day, at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers' Reunion at Rollag, Minnesota.

Some leading lights of the 1988 Expo flank Helen Case Brigham during a recent planning meeting on the grounds at the show grounds. From left, Roland Woodward, Frances Astle, Helen, 1988 Reunion Chairman Otis Astle, and Carl Simpson

Some Expected Features of 1988 Case Expo

George Hedtke of Davis Junction, Illinois, will be at the Kinzers Expo with the one and only boiler from the otherwise extinct 150 HP Case road locomotive (largest steam traction engine made by Case). It's an exhibit which was the centerpiece of the first Expo at Pawnee, in 1987.

Harry Kline, probably the best known 'Case Company Man' in the world, will be bringing one of old J. I. Case's 'Groundhog' Threshers to Kinzers. It's a vintage piece from the Company collection in Racine, Wisconsin. He'll also have two steam-operated Case factory whistles, both of them rare pieces -- a 12-inch Crosby chime whistle and a three-barrel Lunkenheimer. They used to blow over Case factories in Racine and should broaden the range of the 'noon whistle' at Kinzers.

Tom and Joan Unger of Lewisburg, Ohio, have already announced that they will make the trek to Kinzers with their 1912 'Doctor's Special' Case Car. Many other Case cars, engines, tractors and machines are expected to journey to this year's Expo from across the continent.

The Foundation also has invited people who own Case Eagles, the large cast iron birds perched on the world which used to greet customers outside the premises of Company dealerships, to bring them to the 1988 Expo for a 'Convention of Eagles.' It may be the greatest flock of eagles ever observed.

A swap session for collectors of Case memorabilia, including literature, photos and farm toys, will take place Friday afternoon, August 19. The annual Foundation banquet and meeting will be held Saturday evening, August 20 in nearby New Holland, PA.

Julie and Bob Lessig, who store their 30 HP Case engine at the Rough and Tumble Assoc.'s grounds in Kinzers, are busy these days putting it in apple pie order for the 1988 Expo.