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Rare Minneapolis tractor

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The 1983 Cedar Valley Engine Club Threshers Reunion was held Labor Day weekend, 7 miles west of Charles City, Iowa, on highway 14.

We had some new exhibitors this year which added some new spark to our already well-attended show. Some gas engines from Minnesota were real good additions to our show. Mr. Lloyd Monroe from Castalia, Iowa showed his Minneapolis tractor which was in mint condition. Although it was one of the last Minneapolis' built, it looked as if it just came out of a dealer's show room. We were very happy to have him share it with us.

The people that came the longest distance to enjoy our show were Mr. Jim Call and his son from Danville, Indiana. He brought his 1936 Oliver 70 which was also in mint condition. It was on the original tip toe wheels which made it a very exciting show piece. We really appreciate these folks that come and add to our show.

Rare Minneapolis tractor owned by Lloyd Monroe of Castalia, Iowa and Paul Squires 90 HP Rumcly and Huber threshing machine

Roger Bryne from Racine, Minnesota brings his half-scale under mounted Avery every year and puts it on the scale model saw mill of Harold Swartz rock's, which is a real good show piece. Our large exhibit of gas engines by members and friends makes our exhibit of gas engines one of the best. Two of my sons, Dick and Bob Neal, own a two-hole corn sheller; one of our members lets them use his five horsepower Galloway engine, and they shell a big load of ear corn each year, to the delight of many onlookers. I tell the boys they are right back where their grandfather and great-grandfathers started out shelling corn.

One of the best oat crops that we have had in years helped with threshing and peaked lots of interest. A different steam engine is used for this each day. Then our large saw mill runs all day for all three days and engines are changed on it several times a day. This year we tried the 30-60 Hart Parr on the saw mill but did not saw very much with it as it did not run the mill fast enough. Some of us give rides on the old tractors and we find that this is a much enjoyed past-time for many. I give rides on an 18-36 Hart Parr and when I tell people that the oil has never been changed, they find it hard to believe. Then I point out the Madison-Kipp lubricator to them and tell them how much oil it uses a day; this too is hard for them to believe!

We had a good flea market again this year and the report was that sales were good. Our book sales were good also. The City of Charles City has a portable band shell that they loaned to us for the musicians. We never know who all are coming, but our advertising, 'Bring your old time instruments and join in the fun in the band shell' gives us lots of good surprises and we have a grand variety of old time music all day long everyday, which is especially exciting to the older people and even sparks the interest of the younger generation. The area merchants are good to us and furnish us with door prizes for each day and this year we had 70 items to give away, each day.

Of course, it takes a lot of men to run such an event, but how could we EVER get along without the ladies? Not only do they do a spectacular job running the lunch stand during the long hours, but they draw crowds with their homemade cooking and their specialty of homemade pies!

For several years, Mr. Boyd has helped us make early Sunday morning a bright and special time as he cooked pancakes and sausages on his large charcoal grill, but this year he extended his services and cooked hamburgers and brats to tantilize the hungry spectators and to compliment the crock pots full of sauerkraut. Some of the fun of the weekend is found at the campsite right on our grounds and many of these come a day early or stay over a day late to take a tour of the White Tractor Plant in Charles City and see where Hart Parr started building tractors, which is the same place where they are built today.

We hope to see more of you in 1984 at our show, which promises to be bigger and better than ever. My wife and I attended several other shows this last year and had a good time at all of them.