Cedar Valley Engine Club

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613-8th, Charles City, IA 50616

The Cedar Valley Engine Club had a good year again in 1984 with people coming from all over.

There were several new exhibitors again this year and we hope will be back next year. We appreciate everyone who shows with us and thanks to all who help us have a successful show each year.

We do have some rare engines and tractors at our show. For this coming year one of our members is working on an I.H. Titan engine. He has had it running. I am working on an 8 H.P. Waterloo Boy for the show.

The Club has Model T Ford truck with a Pull Ford attachment. It has an auxiliary three speed transmission so it has lots of power. Our photographer didn't get a picture of it but hopes to next year.

We had a team of mules that pulled on an Old Standard Oil tank wagon around the yards. Also they pulled a wagon around giving rides which a lot of kids enjoy. Some of us gave rides on the old tractors too. The Van Home Truck Museum of Mason City had a truck on display and gave rides with it. There was a team of horses and wagons giving rides too.

Saturday night it rained and some campers had to leave but couldn't get out. I was able to pull them out with an 18-36 Hart Parr on steel wheels and that was a good show as it is a little up hill to get out of the wheels and that was a good show as it is a little uphill to get out of the field.

Our ladies had a good year with the lunch stand and the Book sales were good too. Would you believe a group of Old Engine Buffs would get a cook book together and have it sell good? We did this year.