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We make coal, wood and straw burning engines as illustrated on this and opposite page from entirely new designs. The straw burning engine of this style is called the 'Direct Flue.'

This center crank engine was designed for a higher speed than the side crank, and you will require a larger cylinder pulley on the agitator to obtain the proper speed.

The crankshaft is held by four large and strong bearings; two are at the crank, one is against the pulley hub and one against the pinion. By this arrangement the crank cannot tremble or jar while running on the road, or in threshing; it also keeps the crank in perfect line and makes easy running without danger from hot bearings and insures less friction than you will find in any other engine.

You are enabled to reach every bearing, lever or valve on the engine either in the field or on the road, from the large, substantial foot-board, which is furnished with two large boxes for tools, fuel, etc.

We make the gearing large in diameter and of such strength as is warranted to withstand the roughest usage. Our double crank is not built up with pieces, neither is it made of cast iron as you will find in some engines, but is a forged wrought iron double crank in one continuous piece and extends equally from the center. The driving pulley for running the separator is placed upon one end of the shaft, while upon the other is fixed the driving pinion held in position by the friction clutch.

Water is taken from the steel tank on the side of boiler, or from main water tank, by the independent upright pump and also the American injector on the center crank engines. The independent steam pump will also pump water from the main tank into the steel tank on side.

We furnish all our coal burning, also direct flue straw burning, engines with an extension front and straight stack, 'Standard' independent upright pump on side of boiler (see page 30) and patent friction clutch (see page 32). This extension front has an effective device for a spark arrester inside (see cut page 30).

We furnish our 10 and 12 horse engines with 2 inch Waters governor, 1 inch pop valve, 2 inch brass throttle valve, No. 4 American injector, 2 inch whistle. Ashcroft steam gauge, Detroit sight feed lubricator, solid grease cup at the crank, compression grease cup at cross head, globe, angle and check valves, oil cups, water gauge and gauge cocks. These are all of the very best material and are made especially for us. We also make Center Crank Portable Engines fitted with all of the above attachments.

We make the boilers with extra large fire boxes, inside measurement being 40 inches long and 24 inches wide. We thus provide plenty of grate surface for slow combustion, securing extreme economy in fuel and water.

All our boilers are made from the best steel plate. Our original arrangement by which the outer sheet extends over fire box at rear end receiving the gear frame castings, allows all the holding bolts to pass through the plate without penetrating into the water or steam space of the boiler; thus avoiding any liability to become loose, leak or tend to any damage whatsoever to the boiler. By this method of construction we obtain absolute safety from leakage, and distribute the weight equally upon the axles, preventing the engine from rising up in front under any circumstances. In crossing culverts and small bridges you will find this point of great value, as only one-half of the engine is on the bridge at one time.