Sawmilling scene with Geiser engine

Courtesy of W. L. Idol, Route 3, Winston-Salem, North Carolina A sawmilling scene with a Geiser engine.

W. L. Idol

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Roy's Cartoon Book is out and selling some. It is a delightful piece of furniture. 60 some cartoons and a good laugh in every one. Just the thing to have on your coffee table for friends to read while you make dinner. It is only $1.00 from either Roy or the Stemgas Publishing Company.

We expect to have a new book out by the next issue of the Album. It is a history of one of the threshing companies and very well written and much detail by a college professor who never got agricultural machinery out of his mind. It had 80 typewritten pages and with some pictures, there will be about 90 pages in the 5x8 book. Wait and see.

This tribute to an Old Steam Engineer was entered by Mr. Mattix to be published in the Iron-Men Album. Little did we know that we would be printing it along with his own obituary.


He just gets a full head of steam, mounts the cab, gives a toot on the whistle and puts a steady hand on the throttle with keen eyes on the straight and narrow road.

He just floats away to meet THE CHIEF ENGINEER OF ALL and his old steam friends of years gone by to his home over there where there is no pain, no sickness, no sorrow, no death, but life eternal for ever more.


The time has come when I must try to explain something to you, our many friends. It concerns the articles and pictures which you send into us for publication in either the Iron Men Album or the Gas Engine Magazine. As you know, for 19 years we published only the Iron Men Album. Fully realizing that many of our readers were interested in gas engines as well as steam engines, we ran a mixture of articles in order to cover both interests. Now, because of the growing number of enthusiasts, we have started a Gas Engine Magazine. This was begun to handle the articles, pictures, and ads of the Gas Engine Enthusiasts. Now, we fully realize that many of the Gas Engine Men are not interested in steam engines and vice versa. So, we have adopted this policy: ALL ARTICLES AND PICTURES CONCERNING STEAM ENGINES WILL GO IN THE IRON MEN ALBUM IN ORDER TO REACH THE READERS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN STEAM - ALL ARTICLES AND PICTURES CONCERNING GAS ENGINES WILL GO IN THE GAS ENGINE MAGAZINE IN ORDER TO REACH THOSE INTERESTED IN GAS. Now, we fully realize that at times, this doesn't suit all of you. But, we hope that you will understand that enthusiasts of steam don't want a magazine full of gas material and so it is with the gas men. This has been quite a problem to us lately, but I'm sure that if you give it some thought, you will see our side of the situation.

I now have a request for those who will be sending in reports of their shows and reunions. Please designate which magazine your show is to go in. If it is for both magazines, please send us two copies of the report. Include with the one for the Iron Men Album, pictures concerning the steam engines that appeared at your show and place the emphasis on the steam part. Include with the one for the Gas Engine Magazine, pictures concerning gas engines and the men who run them. We want our readers to know that there are things of interest for both hobbies at your shows and this is the only way that we can do it. I'm sure that with your co-operation in this matter we can improve on the quality of both magazines and perhaps increase interest in your shows. Thank you for your minute. Kitty


I'm still improving from the shoulders down. I am leaning heavily on a woman now. Earlene is most patient with me and this is appreciated. Mr. Stoner (Jake) is most helpful in getting the printed work out.

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL OF YOU. Easter is the reason for the happiness.