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I dreamed a funny thing the other day. The wind was blowing hard, as it did on several days this winter. What looked like an undermounted Avery was on the other side of the sheet. The wind was blowing so hard that it tipped the Avery over on its left side wheels so that I thought it would fall over and I would have to go out and right it. The engine must have been a dummy made of pasteboard or tissue paper but it was real looking. Tiny snow flakes are having their fling today, March 3, 1971.

About everything is closed, schools, etc. I think the wind could have its day by upsetting an Avery undermounted. You may not have thought it funny but I did when it stayed in my mind so vividly.

I am glad to announce to you that the National Geographic Society just brought out a new book called 'Those Inventive Americans.' It is a wonderful book full of facts not found elsewhere. It has a colored picture of our good friends from Winston-Salem. The picture is of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Idol with their steam sewing machine. If you get into a large book store and want to see it, you will find it on page 36. I gaze long and often at it. I sometimes wonder if we appreciate many of the exhibits we see at the shows. The Idols exhibited at nearly all the shows in the East. They were quite an attraction. I hope we have more of them. Don't hurry past a good exhibit, it has some worth.


Hi! Nancy here. Things are finally reaching some semblance of order here in the office and although I still haven't mastered the 'lingo' I'm at least keeping my 'head above the water.' Everyone here has been just wonderful. Thanks to all of you who have sent in words of encouragement for me.

V. H. Stroud of Hutchinson, Kansas, wrote in pointing out the September-October 1970 issue carried the wrong number and thought it may be a big help to collectors if we passed on the correct information. This issue should have been numbered Volume 25, No. 1, not Volume 25, No. 6.

Attention! Gas Engines Clubs in Ohio! James King, 1105 Carbon Street, Freemont, Ohio 43420, would like to know of your whereabouts. Write him, won't you please.

Mr. Walter A. Owens, 143 Colonia Blvd., Rahway, New Jersey 07065, is interested in acquiring plans for building small steam engines and boilers, i.e. horizontal engine of 1' bore and 1' stroke and a boiler for 1 or 2 lbs. of steam.

Congratulations to Mr. Earl Grice of Mankato, Minnesota. He informs us he recently bought a 'real size steam railroad engine No. 29 from the Duluth & Northeastern R.R. at Cloquet, Minnesota.' He states it is a 1944 model Lima 0-6-0 which was built for the U.S. Army and weighs 93 ton when empty. It's in good condition and operates well as he has had it steamed up twice already.

We even get letters from the Army! Mark Peterson, whose present address is 1309 - 79th St., Apt. 2, Newport News, Virginia 23605, writes and tells us he still has eight months to go until his 'hitch' is up and will then be rushing back home to Illinois. In the meantime he is trying to find a Montgomery Wards tractor. He writes 'I understand this tractor was built for Wards by the B. F. Avery Co. of Louisville, Kentucky from 1941 to 1951. It had a fluid drive transmission and was powered by a Chrysler industrial flathead six. I know this isn't a very old tractor but I am finding them extremely scarce and in my search for one that's not been tractor pulled, I haven't found any in that category. Problem is that the few that are around, 'tractor puller's' buy them and then the price goes sky high on them.' Can anyone help this soldier out?

Mrs. Charles U. Archer writes there have been many answers to the ad her now deceased husband had placed in the January-February issue. 'He has received many requests for list, price, etc. As I am unable to do this at present, I am hoping to receive help from some one. Then I will place a new ad in the Iron Men Album at a later date. Thank his friends for all nice acquaintances he has had in many years.' If you were one of those who answered Mr. Archer's ad, please be patient, you will receive an answer sometime in the near future.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE - We have just rented a post office box and would appreciate if if everyone would send their mail to our new address P. 0. Drawer 'A' instead of 808 Wertzville Road. Your complete cooperation will be greatly appreciated not only by us but also all those great people at the Enola Post Office.

REMEMBER - Subscriptions for both Gas and Iron Men are being accepted for only one year. Please, please, do not renew for more than one year at a time. Renewals in excess of one year will only be returned.

Thought provoker of the day Easy sold is sometimes hard to collect. William Feather.