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Greetings on a lovely day. We've had a beautiful summer. Plenty of rain (for a change) and moderate temperatures. We're really enjoying this summer instead of just suffering through it.

One of our readers and I are looking for a permanent museum here in Pennsylvania that includes in its exhibits a steam shovel. The reader is Mr. Gordon Cole, 15861 Pomona Drive, Detroit, Michigan. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this museum; your getting in touch with one of us would be appreciated.

We have a helpful hint this month from Mr. S. L. Speer, Bismarck, Missouri. He tells us that while rebuilding a Madison Kipp oil pump recently, he had some difficulty in finding suitable gaskets for the oil level glass until he discovered that an ordinary kitchen sink washer fit perfectly. An ordinary round typewriter eraser makes a very good striper when repainting an engine. Remove the circular eraser from the original brush handle and fasten it to a wood handle with a stove bolt so that it revolves freely. Brush the paint to be used for striping on a piece of pine board then run the eraser over the board to pick up the paint. Place a yardstick along the area to be striped and roll the eraser along the edge of the yardstick, and the result will be a clean straight stripe. Many thanks Mr. Speer. If more of your readers would send in examples of how ordinary or everyday fixtures or articles can be used for our steam hobby, I'll see that we have a helpful hint every month.

Mr. C. Syd Matthews, 137 Wellington St. W. , Tornoto 1, Canada has or will soon have a set of notes on the construction of a 32 Reeves Cross Compound scale. Mr. Matthews is from the Reeves Historical Society. These notes will be supplementary to the blueprints which have already been advertised and from which at least three people are building models now. Anyone who has an interest in the Reeves or a scale model of one might do well to contact Mr. Matthews. I'm sure he can give excellent help and directions.

Mr. Leonard Newton, 1427 Elm St. , Grinnell, Iowa sends compliments to Roy Glessner for his Cartoon Book and to Lorin Bixler for his biography of Cornelius Aultman. Mr. Newton would like to interest someone in writing histories of Port Huron, Advance, Case, Gaar Scott, Avery, Huber, etc. 'It is a great service to us old timers and also to the younger generation coming up'.

Mr. Morris Blomgren, Route I, Siren, Wisconsin has an L Case and also a C Case tractor that he used on a sawmill and planer. They run very well under load, but they both run very uneven when there is no load. Could anyone tell him what might cause this?

In the July August Issue we ran a classified ad for Mrs. Mary Harkinson, New Baltimore, Pennsylvania who was selling a 212 inch steam engine. We have a letter from Mr. George Matthews, 813 Ridge Ave. , Lakewood, New Jersey who went to see Mrs. Harkinson and tells us that they are not 12 inches long, but about 6 to 10 foot long in an old cider mill. He says they are in good shape. Perhaps this would interest someone.

Mr. Harold Weber, Route 2, Box 211 A. High Ridge, Missouri is looking for literature or leads as to where he could find literature and pictures of a stationary unit made by Automatic Furance Co. , Dayton, Ohio. Model 'A' one if the only thing he can find on it.

Charles Pitt told us of the pleasure he has had in running and firing engines, helping with threshing demonstrations, etc, at the steam shows in his area. He says, 'I just wish that everyone could experience the thrill of opening a throttle and feeling the power throb through a steam engine. It makes me realize just how small and insignificant we truly are.'

What more could I add? Kitty