Threshing scene

Threshing scene at the Rough and Tumble Engineers Reunion, Kinzers,Pa. Class S Peerless engine and C1 Peerless hand fed thresher equipped with Kinzer stacker.

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Kinzers, Pennsylvania

The following is a condensed report of the Rough and Tumble Engineers Historical Reunion, held at Kinzers, Penna., on August 20 and 21, 1954

On Friday, the first day, the weather was fine and the attendance approximately 3500. On Saturday, we had rain, a real wet sod-soaker, which by the way, was greatly needed. This cut the attendance to about 1500 but did not dampen the ardor of the people. Engines were wading mud almost axle deep; the Joy Buggy was running as was, also, the R & T Railroad. Both the railroad cars and the Joy Buggy had canopy tops which gave protection from the rain. There was plenty of shelter during the showers and motion pictures were shown to entertain the crowds. The cafeteria kept running full blast throughout the rain.

About two o'clock the rain stopped and then things began to really hum. The saw and shingle mills went into action, also the test block and the hobby platform.

On Friday afternoon we were able to complete the entire program which consisted of pulling engines on the belt test; threshing demonstrations beginning with the flail, then the sweep power, followed by the hand feed steam driven thresher with straw carrier and ending with a modern, fully equipped steel Frick thresher. Steam driven engines were changed during this demonstration.

A full Q 1 Frick steam saw mill was in operation, also a shingle mill driven by a Westinghouse traction engine.

The hobby table was a real attraction. Many small steam engines were supplied lubricated steam on this platform. Small traction engines were very much in evidence-Kohl's 'Little Ben' and 'Little Ike'; Neal Hochstetler's with 5 whistle boara, Beck's and Elmer Adam's were all in operation. A very small exact Road Roller and an Advance Traction were also displayed. A hot air pumping engine was in operation.

For the amusement of ladies and children the R & T Railroad operated continually as did the Batty Steam Joy Buggy. Many men took rides on these two features, also. Visitors were present from twelve states. Good eats as usual were available including a large stock of real homemade pies. The ladies fancy work booth was also quite an attraction.

Officers elected at the business meeting on Thursday evening were as follows: President, Arthur S. Young, Kinzers, Pa.; First Vice-President, C. Everett Young, Kinzers, Pa.; Second Vice-President, Roy H. Herr, East Petersubrg, Pa.; Secretary-Treasurer, Jane Y. Brackbill, R. D. l, Kinzers, Pa.; Chaplain, Elmer L. Ritzman, Enola, Pa.; Solicitor, Ralph W. Eby, Jr., Paradise, Pa.; Directors: Wm. P. Knotts, Philadelphia, Pa.; C. E. Hershey, Paradise, Pa.; Willis H. Hershey, Paradise R. D., Pa.; Arthur S. Kauffman, Mt. Joy, Pa.; and Wm. Brackin, Parkesburg, Pa.

The above are some of the main events of the Reunion. We feel the affair was a success regardless of the rain.