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15 HP Westinghouse

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FARM MUSEUM & CAMPGROUND -I-05 & Hwy 9, Dillon, S.C. 29536 Ph. 803-774-6111  N-73

Two NUTMEGS and one BUCKEYE maintained 'Massive Neck Twisting' and 'Massive Foot Following' as they steamed GRANDPA through the crowds.

Dick Everett and Lloyd Holland (Connecticut) and Howard Freeman (Ohio) put this 15 HP Westinghouse back into harness during the April 1973 Reunion held at Dillon, S.C. They cleaned injectors, etc., water tested to 160% of 60 lbs. pop pressure. Then fired. A line formed and operators from across the nation kept this 92 year old beauty busy. GRANDPA asked for no quarters and none were given. Someone said The Webbs, The Humes and a wad of other Canadians had a Gap 90's Ball kinda Canadianizing this Royal Relic.

The Everetts, Dick, Mary, Becky, Trina and Jennifer spring vacationed with us in their 'foldout'.

Howard is a railroader and 'Rid A Train' to nearby Florence.

About two hundred button identified Exhibitors (with cars) staying at Motels four blocks away eliminated commuter problems for Button identified train riding Exhibitors like Howard.

Other than proving 'Westinghouse Fix'n and Run'n Ability', Lloyd didn't get 'info'ed'. Sorry Lloyd. Enlighten this Sandlapper.

GRANDPA was purchased by us in 1968 from the Arthur Young Estate at Kinzers, Pa. so all Engineers, but especially you FAMOUS 'Rough & Tumble Engineers' are asked to bring your fellowship and credentials to take turns operating GRANDPA, April 19-20-21, 1974. Hope you R & T'ers mail some History and Yarns on GRANDPA.

The MUSEUM is open all year, so Engineers that begrudge snow, waiting etc. we say, 'stop anytime, and fire up'.

Thank you Dick, Lloyd & Howard.