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Jim Johnson's New Giant

Jim Johnson's New Giant No. 4790

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With the Holiday season in the past-tense and another year in the pre-tense, one ponders what to do in sixty-two that wasn't done in sixty-one. Certainly, we are thankful for the many blessings bestowed on us the past year.

Last fall, we made a trip to the Gordon, Wisconsin area - visited OLIVIA LOCKMAN who has a 60 Case for sale, then drove out to see JIM JOHNSON'S (the Corliss Kid) New Giant engine No. 4790, located deep in the woods and undergoing restoration at their resort. He would consider trading it on some engine more ready to go.

If you'll pardon my boldness, and that without protest to the average nimrod -the past deer hunting season set me to some loose thinking. Years ago, I was considered odd in that I catered to steam engines, now I am almost conspicuous 'cause I don't hunt deer. Having observed time and time again a group of hunters stalking some legal harmless deer - in this semi-open country - a deer's days are practically numbered - the further it gets from one high powered rifle, the closer to another. Deer have crossed my fields at high noon apparently fagged out from a non-stop flight since break of dawn. I fail to see any sportsmanship involved with these odds . Now, you take hunting with a bow and arrow, that's the real test of a sportsman - where skill and patience tries out a man's ingenuity; kinda like fishing.

With so many hunters combing the woods, added precautions should be taken . A friend of mine operates a sawmill on his 'back 80' takes the power unit home lest some hunter or stray bullets 'elaborate on the cooling system'. At the close of the season, this ad appeared in a local newspaper, 'Reward - 50 dollars for information as to person who fired 3 shots into the power shovel in my gravel pit and doing, considerable damage, any information kept strictly confidential' signed by IVOR JORGENSON.

Records show hunters caused 179 forest fires in Wisconsin during 1960. That same year some negligent hunters shot a farmer's span of mules near Menomonie, Wisconsin. I know hunters that almost despise venison, but hunt they must, barring any cost. Having tagged their game, they display the carcass suspended from a tree prior to taking any steps in caring for the meat. In Minnesota, 8 hunters were accidentally shot to death during the '61 season and 8 others succumbed to heart attacks. Apparently wild life is suffering some revenge.

A couple were taking a trip and somehow got to arguing and it got to a point whence neither one said a word. After miles of driving, he noticed a donkey grazing by the roadside, he broke the silence with - 'Relations of yours?'-'Yes', she replied, 'on my husband's side'.

Mr. and Mrs. ALF ELDEN and sons OLE and CARL paid us a visit from Oslo and showed us some very interesting slides they had taken in Norway and Sweden - sorta compensates for the year of 'The Old Country'. Well, we've been to Norway and we've seen Oslo, but not Oslow, Norway. You see, ELDENS reside in Oslo, Minn., and stage an old time thresh-bee annually and also operate a public Museum during the summer months. Included in their slides were scenes of the Midnight Sun and a picture of an old barn from whence came a groundhog Thresher, one of his rare items. (By the way, Alice and I stayed one night in Norway, Michigan last spring enroute to the copper country.

The Spouse celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary last November. It turned out to be quite a round-up of friends, including several steam fans,-outside of that it wasn't any different than the twenty-fourth or twenty-third - kinda put me in mind when ELWOOD OLSONS were going to have 'Open-House' on their same goal - he came into the barber-shop to get a clip and said he had told his wife maybe to check on it, sorta seemed like the 50th to him. Then too, I recall working with the JOE KASSEL thresh rig west of North Branch, Minnesota back in '33. It so happened we threshed on the HAMMARGREN farm on their 50th wedding anniversary. Joe says to Mrs. Hammargren, 'Ya, married 50 years is quite a long time' - 'Yes', she says, 'It is, to the same man.'