Deer Creek Sodbusters 1991 SHOW

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10923 N. Mill Ct. #8 Omaha, Nebraska 68154

The 9th annual Deer Creek Sodbusters Antique Machinery Show was held on Sunday, August 11, 1991 at our show grounds south of Sterling, Nebraska. It turned out to be a rather pleasant day weather-wise for mid-August, which helped bring out the largest crowd we've ever had, both in terms of spectators and exhibitors.

Our show is only a one day event and is small in comparison to many antique shows held throughout Mid-America. But we feel that we have advantages that make our show different from other shows.

Our show is held on a real working farm which allows us the ground to conduct more actual field demonstrations, including those of draft horses working the field. The pace is less hectic than the bigger shows. This provides a more leisurely family type atmosphere, which adds to the viewing enjoyment of the crowd.

Our show began in August of 1983, as a neighborhood get-together of local antique enthusiasts, to have fun plowing a wheat stubble field with antique tractors. We had so much fun, we decided to make it an annual event. For those first few years, the show was known as the Wolff Brothers Plowing Bee, because it was sponsored by me and my brother, John Wolff, and featured primarily plowing. As the show grew both in size and popularity, it became necessary to form an antique association to handle the responsibility of putting it on.

In January, 1987, Deer Creek Sodbusters, Inc. was chartered as a Nebraska non-profit corporation. In the years since the Sodbusters took over the show, it has developed into a complete antique show with new features and exhibits being added every year. For our 1991 show, we introduced our sawmill as a new feature. It is a Belsaw mill, manufactured in the 1920's, for which we obtained the main 'parts' for $100.00 a couple of years ago. We finally got the frame work built and completed assembly the week before the show. We were still making 'adjustments' and 'fine tuning' the mechanisms right up to the show, but we were able to demonstrate it during the show and actually made lumber for the crowd out of some cedar logs.

Another attraction new to the show for 1991 was the demonstration of a Joliet 6-hole wooden spring-type corn sheller. This sheller was owned by a farmer in the neighborhood who had used it to dso custom shelling all up and down the Deer Creek Valley and throughout Johnson County, Nebraska. This was back in the days when corn was harvested on the ear and later shelled out of the crib. The sheller was donated to the club by the heirs of the original owner. It has been preserved in good working condition. It was a real pleasure to many 'old timers' from the community to see it in operation again, and to remember their younger days when they used to scoop corn into that very machine.

Contributing to the preservation of agricultural history is a rewarding experience, but it is particularly special preserving a part of the history of the local community where one was born and raised.

Our 1992 show is scheduled for Sunday, August 9. It will be our 10th annual event. In recognition of the Wolff Brothers, who collect John Deere tractors, John Deere will be the featured tractor line. As a special guest, LeRoy Klein of Minot, North Dakota, plans to attend. LeRoy was founder and first president of the John Deere Two-Cylinder Club.