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Hi Ladies!

Hope your summer has been as pleasant as ours. I can t believe it is over, except I m once more back in my school room with 20 youngsters facing me five days each week.

We say as we've said many times before, each show we attend is just delightful in its own way as another. Each one is different - no two are alike but always good and enjoyable.

The show on Jimmy Layton's farm in Maryland was quite a surprise. We never realized there would be such a large gathering of machinery and people. We had a wonderful time among all our good friends and engines.

The chicken corn soup supplied by Anna Brandt from Bainbridge fed a large group of us for Saturday evening meal. Need to say it was delicious. Thanks Anna!

The next week found us journeying to Canandaigua, New York with the Elmer Schaefers again. They have been kind to take us along in their car so I would not have to drive on these weekend trips. They are most pleasant folks to be in their company.

Amos Brandt say to it that my Elmer got on his Huber to drive it in the parade Sunday. Of course this was a thrill for my hubby. He doesn't get such an opportunity too often.

It was also good to hear Dayton Nichols announce the parade. He does such a splendid job on the mike.

Thanks to him, 12 of us enjoyed a delicious meal together Sunday evening at a nearby restaurant after the show.

The following Thursday we drove to Kinzer for the three days Reunions. This group has surely expanded in size by adding buildings and machinery. It is wonderful to see this progress. Good Luck to them and hope it continues.

Mr. Merle Newkirk from Midland, Michigan, invited us along with Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Schaefer and Mr. Walter Carson, Auburn, Michigan to have dinner with him after the show Saturday. This too was a nice experience. We appreciate his kindnesses. Thanks Merle!

A very hard rain came just about the time we were getting ready to come home from Kinzer. All our friends helped to gather our belongings together. ___